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Dr Kumar discusses the difference between concentration and awareness in meditation.

This footage was taken during the Traditional Yoga Winter Retreat in Hyderabad, India in 2015.

A gentle guided hatha yoga practice with Dr Kumar filmed during the Winter Retreat


A more rigorous hatha yoga practice filmed on the Summer Retreat


Meditation on the Natural Breath

This is a recording for daily practice. Its purpose is to develop both awareness and concentration to calm down and de-stress the mind. It was recorded during a workshop at Yogacampus in London in 2015. This guided meditation on the breath is followed by group chanting of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and then a yoga nidra (stress relaxation technique) at the end. Read more here about meditation on the natural breath.


Guided Yoga Nidra Practice

This practice session was guided by Dr Kumar as part of a lecture series that explored the power of the observing mind to release stress and restore a sense of harmony to the body and mind. This technique can be practiced before or after meditating on the natural breath.


Dr Kumar chants The Rattana Sutta of Buddha


Dr Kumar pays respects to the great lineage of teachers

Dr Kumar chants the names of the great Indian teachers who have preserved the science of meditation for thousands of years and passed on this knowledge from generation to generation so that we are able to practice today.


The two recordings below are lectures given by Dr Kumar.

Dr ALV Kumar Lecture: Knowing Your Inner Chemistry at Quakers Meeting House Liverpool by Traditional Yoga on Mixcloud

Lecture by Dr ALV Kumar at SOAS, Black Holes and Cellular Memories by Traditional Yoga on Mixcloud