Heena Patel

Heena started practising meditation around 10 years ago, and other aspects of yoga a few years earlier in London. She noticed how significant a regular meditation practice could be in terms of offering a way to stay calm and cope in the face of major challenges. A few years later while living in India and working for a children's charity, her health deteriorated, and she was looking for a way to get better. She found her way back to a regular yoga practice and started to feel better immediately with increased energy levels, and relief from anxiety and back pain. This inspired her to share what she had learnt and go on to train as a yoga teacher, and specialise in yoga for anxiety.
Heena teaches yoga and meditation focusing on relief from chronic stress, anxiety and back pain in and around Warlingham village and Croydon in Surrey, and she also runs international and UK retreats. She has also trained to teach yoga to children and teenagers and believes that it can equip young people to cope with life’s challenges and stay healthy and happy as they grow up.
Heena’s passion to preserve ancient yoga teachings led her to discover Dr. Kumar's inspiring story, and sign up for the Meditation Awareness weekend, Teacher Training with Anna Bhushan, followed by her first silent Summer Retreat in 2017 led by Dr. Kumar.
“I noticed a significant difference in the state of my mind the first time I practised Meditation on the Natural Breath (Patanjali’s Prana Samyama) on a weekend course, which seemed more profound that anything I had experienced in the past. I felt a deep sense of relief from stress and anxiety, and much more balanced and lighter in my mind. Through a regular practice, I’ve noticed a shift in my perspective about life, and a greater ability to stay calm and present. I love sharing what I have learnt and offering people a tool they can access anywhere, at any time, to find a sense of inner calm and balance.”
Facebook/Instagram: @yogawithheena