Joan Keig

Joan first discovered Yoga as a teenager (before mats were invented, (Oh yes!), and rediscovered her passion for Yoga as an adult with 2 young children.
She has been practicing many yogic styles for well over 30 years, including Hatha and Iyenga until discovering Dru Yoga in 2013/14 when she decided to train as a Dru Yoga teacher qualifying in summer 2016. Joan runs 2 weekly Yoga classes in Buckley Flintshire.
She first met Dr. Kumar in 2008/9 and attended the first of many workshops with him and later attending meditation weekends establishing a regular home meditation practice.
In February 2017 Joan trained as a Traditional Yoga Meditation teacher and runs blocks of 8 week courses in Prana Samyama.
She is passionate about sharing Yoga and Meditation with as many people as possible to help them to uncover the very best version of themselves in a light supportive manner.