Francesca Orlandi

Francesca met Dr. Kumar in 2015 when he was given a lecture and felt deeply touched by his wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Believing in “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and despite an already established mindfulness practice, Francesca decided to attend a silent meditation retreat with Traditional Yoga. The experience was transformative and since then she has been meditating using Prana Samyama technique.

Francesca works psychotherapeutically with children and adolescents in Bath and Bristol area. Her area of interest is on the effects trauma can have on the body.

She qualified as a Yoga Teacher for Children and Young people in 2016 and her dream is to make accessible yoga and ‘awareness of the natural breath’ practice amongst the young population and their families, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. She studies and regularly practices yoga and feels of being on a lifelong learning journey. Francesca lives in Bath.