Collette D’Arcy

Collette has lived in Liverpool all her life. With a career that began in Local Government, she now owns and manages a company providing advice in property development. The benefits gained from this method of meditation has given her the passion and commitment to make teaching it a growing part of her life. “ This method of meditation can be practiced to improve concentration, which is an asset for everyone, especially those in pressured work and business. It is good for those who want some peace, relaxation and restful sleep well. A regular practice helps to develop insight, a greater understanding enriches life. A regular meditation practice is also a benefit to all those you come in contact with.”

All Traditional Yoga weekend courses are led by experienced teachers who have undergone extensive training and choose to teach on a voluntary basis. Seva, translated as selfless service is an important principle in the yoga tradition. Their support enables the charity to offer courses at a low cost and to bring the benefits of meditation to as many people as possible.