Dr Kumar’s Herbal Tea Formula



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Dr. A. L. V. Kumar’s Herbal Tea Formula

calming, refreshing, detoxifying


Withania Somnifera extract (Ashwagandha)
Ocimum Sanctum extract (Tulsi)
Phyllanthus emblica extract (Amla)
Camellia sinensis extract (Green tea)
Asparagus racemosus extract (Wild asparagus)
Terminalia arjuna extract (Arjuna bark)
Bacopa monnieri linn extract (Brahmi)
Curcuma Longa extract (Turmeric)
Cinnamon cassia extract (Cinnamon)
Ocimum sanctum oil (Eugenol)

Weight 50g

Traditional Yoga Ltd is the trading company of the charity The Yoga Healing Foundation. All profits go to support Dr. A. L. V. Kumar’s Traditional Yoga.

£18 per packet

“You only need 1/8th teaspoon per cup so one packet goes a long way.”

Manufactured by Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India