Shat Kriya

Shat kriyas in Hatha Yoga deal with the purification of the neuron transmission channels connected to the senses and the organs. They help in rectifying problems connected to the sinus passages, sight, hearing, thyroid, parathyroid and all the channels connecting the cerebral cortex, as well as working with the stomach, liver, excretory system and reproductive systems. These practices help in the elimination of accumulated toxins from the body.

They consist of 6 purification processes –

Nethi Kriya for problems related to the head. Good for sinus, eyes, ears, brain and for relieving headaches.

Dauthi Kriya for the digestive system. Good for cleansing stomach, reducing fat, reducing anorexia, reducing acidity, gastritis, indigestion, flatulence or any other digestive problem.

Vasthi Kriya for the excretary system. Good for cleansing the colon, relieving constipation, reducing fat.

Kapha Kriya for dissolving fat, particularly in the stomach.

Trataka Chikitsa for improving eyesight and developing concentration.