Meditation Cushions

Our meditation cushions are designed by Dr ALV Kumar and custom made for us in India from 100% cotton. They are designed for a cross legged or half-lotus posture. They give cushioning to the ankles and raise the hips to support a relaxed and upright posture for meditation.

Weight: 3.5kg  Length: 65cm  Width: 40cm  Depth: 12cm.  The cost is £80.00 plus p&p.

Each cushion comes with:

  • A carry case with handles to make transporting your cushion easier.
  • A  zipped protective cover
  • 2x white sheets to cover your cushion with during meditation.

If you would like to order a cushion please contact us.

Meditation Cushion

We have one Meditation Cushion without a carry case or white sheets left. The cost is £75.00 plus p&p.

If you would like to order a cushion please contact us.


Traditional Yoga volunteer Natasha has visited the maker’s workshop in Hyderabad, Southern India where Keshi Reddy carefully handcrafts these Traditional Yoga meditation cushions using natural cottons. Natasha made a short film about her visit which we’re delighted to share with you here. Keshi Reddy is himself a meditator and a student of Dr Kumar.