Weekly Courses

Awareness of the Natural Breath Meditation Eight Week Courses

Classes offered throughout the UK, click here to see current courses.

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This powerful traditional meditation develops calm awareness and deep stability of the mind.

The courses are suitable for beginners.

The course teaches the progressive steps of the technique that can then be continued as an ongoing practice at home or used as a basis for working with the mind more deeply on a weekend or residential course.

Feedback from past classes:

“The classes were extremely warm and welcoming and everything was explained so clearly and at times very humorously. I came away from the classes feeling tranquil and excited about seeing a glimpse of something great that I’m exploring more now, and that feels so necessary to have been introduced to.”

“I feel meditation has benefited me enormously and helped me find peace within myself.”

“Meditation has brought a totally new aspect to my life. In the short time since I learned to meditate I have developed a greater awareness of how I interact with other people and my relationships have improved. I have a totally new perspective on life. I am far less reactive and have a lot more confidence. A lot of tension has gone and I feel so much better. People keep telling me how well I look and asking what I have done. The difference is remarkable!”

“I feel more centered and confident that I can handle new situations calmly with this inner resource. It gives an inner strength and knowledge that you can be comfortable on your own in your own space. It feels as though it is building a strength in being calm, building my “calm muscle”. I sense that this will grow as I continue to meditate. There is a feeling of lightness after meditation and I have more clarity.”