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Virat Dharana, ‘sound of silence meditation’ one day course, Liverpool

March 1 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

FULLY BOOKED- please contact to be added to the waiting list

Course Outline

Suitable for beginners.

The day will include a series of Virat Dharana practices for peace and rejuvenation of mind and body. This meditation is practiced lying down, while taking one’s awareness systematically through the body while listening to traditional Sanskrit chanting. This technique brings the mind to silence and tranquility and the body to a deeply relaxed state of harmony.

Please read a full description of the Virat Dharana technique below.

Recordings that can be used for home practice will be shared at the end of the course.

Course facilitated by Colette D’Arcy & Anna Bhushan

To Book

We divide payments into a compulsory Course Fee and a voluntary Suggested Minimum Donation, this is a two step process.

The Course Fee covers the costs of running the courses. The donation recognises the value of the teaching and supports our charitable work in the UK and India. All Traditional Yoga teachers are volunteers, this enables us to continue offering courses in this way. For more information about the charity please click here.

Course Fee: £30 

Suggested Minimum Donation: £20

STEP 1.  Course Fee

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STEP 2. Suggested Minimum Donation £20

Please make a donation in recognition of the teaching and to support our charitable projects in India and the UK.

Please note that confirmation is made manually during office hours. 


We have a number of bursaries available to cover the course fee for those who are unable to afford this amount. If you would like to apply for a bursary, you are very welcome to contact us for an application form.



Virat Dharana 

Virat Dharana is the way to bring the mind and body to a stable and harmonious state. The result is that the practitioner feels mentally and physically rejuvenated and emotionally balanced, equipped to deal with day to day activities with more energy and clarity.

In our lives we often experience stress, fatigue and disharmony at a physical, mental and emotional level, leaving us more open to generating negative reactions such as frustration, agitation or anxiety when difficulties arise in day to day life. The brain is an electrochemical organ and every cell in our body contains numerous electrons. Emotional reactions imbalance our mind-body system and deplete the electrons that are in our cells. The ‘sound of silence’ reduces the noise of the brain so that instead of the usual mind chatter, we can experience deep tranquillity beyond delta brainwave state, known in Sanskrit as ‘Turiya Avasta’. The practice rejuvenates every cell in the body by bringing complete harmony, integration and balance to the entire system. You will leave feeling fresher, lighter and much more relaxed.

Virat Dharana is an ancient practice of meditation that involves supine (lying down) observation of the body guided through chanting in the Indian language of Sanskrit, in which Yoga has been traditionally preserved. During the practice, the Sanskrit words are also translated into English as one takes attention through each part of the body. This is one of the oldest forms of meditation in India, distinct from a Yoga Nidra because of the significance of the sound and its effect on every cell in the body. The chanting is known as ‘the sound of silence’ because it enables the listener to experience profound silence in mind and body. The chanting is subtle and precise and has to be developed over many decades of in-depth training in the ancient traditions of meditation where it has been perfectly preserved by lineages of monks over thousands of years. We are very fortunate to have the guided Virat Dharana recordings of renowned Yogi, Dr Kumar who conveys deep silence in every syllable. It is the pure and silent quality of his mind and expertise in chanting that enables the listener to experience such deep peace when practicing. In Sanskrit, ‘Munni’ means a saint who has silenced the mind. Silence means an absence of vibration, amplitude, wavelength and frequency. In all the oldest spiritual traditions around the world, ancient lineages have preserved the most sacred teachings orally in the form of sound, chants and hymns.  The style of chanting used for meditation teaching is called Brahma Vidvara Raga, meaning the secret sounds of silence, for enlightenment. When the one who has experienced this, chants the same letters as his predecessors in the ancient traditions, the same effect is reproduced. Dr Kumar has practiced for the last 45 years across 46 spiritual traditions, in the ancient lineages of Veda, Tantra, Hinduism and Buddhism, including Tibetan systems.

READ MORE  about Dr Kumar.




March 1
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
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The Mansion House, Calderstones Park
Liverpool, , L18 3JB
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