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Learn to facilitate Virat Dharana, sound of silence meditation -London

April 25 @ 10:00 am - April 26 @ 4:00 pm

POSTPONED- Anyone who has already booked will be contacted with further information.

Please email with any questions.


Course Overview

The course will introduce the key principles of Virat Dharana and key guidance for students.

  • Practice the technique and understand it through experiential learning and discussion.
  • Understand the theory behind the practice including the key concepts to convey to students.
  • Learn how to facilitate your students practice and answer their questions
  • Discuss lesson planning and approaches to course delivery.
  • Receive a set of Virat Dharana recordings for teaching purposes and accompanying course notes.


This course will be of interest to yoga and meditation teachers who are looking to integrate the particular technique of Virat Dharana into their classes. It may also be attended by those who wish to develop their understanding of Virat Dharana for their own personal practice and development.

Virat Dharana

Virat Dharana is the way to bring the mind and body to a stable and harmonious state. The result is that the practitioner feels mentally and physically rejuvenated and emotionally balanced, equipped to deal with day to day activities with more energy and clarity.

Virat Dharana is an ancient practice of meditation that involves supine (lying down) observation of the body guided through chanting in the Indian language of Sanskrit, in which Yoga has been traditionally preserved. During the practice, the Sanskrit words are also translated into English as one takes attention through each part of the body. This is one of the oldest forms of meditation in India, distinct from a Yoga Nidra because of the significance of the sound. The chanting is known as ‘the sound of silence’ because it enables the listener to experience profound silence in mind and body. The ‘sound of silence’ reduces the noise of the brain so that instead of the usual mind chatter, we can experience deep tranquillity beyond delta brainwave state, known in Sanskrit as ‘Turiya Avasta’. The practice rejuvenates every cell in the body by bringing complete harmony, integration and balance to the entire system.

At the heart of the course is the teaching and guided meditation recordings of Dr. Kumar. These recordings are given as a teaching resource to those who complete the training.

Please note that this technique exclusively requires use of Dr Kumar’s recordings for teaching purposes. The chanting is subtle and precise and has to be developed over many decades of in-depth training in the ancient traditions of meditation in which it has been preserved. In Sanskrit, ‘Munni’ means one who has silenced the mind. Silence means an absence of vibration, amplitude, wavelength and frequency. We are fortunate to have the guided Virat Dharana recordings of Dr Kumar who conveys deep silence in every syllable. It is the pure and silent quality of his mind and expertise in chanting that enables the listener to experience such deep peace when practicing. Dr Kumar has practiced for the last 45 years across 46 meditation traditions, in the ancient lineages of Veda, Tantra, Hinduism and Buddhism, including Tibetan systems.


Date & Time

Saturday 25th April 10am-6pm

Sunday 26th April 9am-4pm



The Bhavan Indian Arts Centre, 5 mins from West Kensington Tube.

Serving vegetarian Indian food at lunchtime.


Eligibility & Certification

The course is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about Virat Dharana and how to facilitate it.

However eligibility and certification to teach is based on the following:

1. We ask for a course assignment in the form of a 5 minute video, audio or 1000 word essay that covers the key points and key guidance for Virat Dharana teaching. Course notes and resources will be supplied for you to refer to for this task.

2. You must also hold a qualification in yoga (for example a 200 hour yoga teacher training qualification) or have equivalent professional experience that involves teaching or working with the public, for example in education or health. Any questions regarding eligibility, please let us know.

3. It is important to establish your own personal practice before teaching and we advise you to attend a meditation retreat or Virat Dharana weekend course before beginning to teach.

On completion of the above, a Traditional Yoga Certificate of Competence will be issued.

Cost: £220/ £195

Course Fee: £100/ Early Bird £75 by 3rd March 2020

Suggested Donation: £120



The Yoga Healing Foundation is offering one-half bursary at the reduced cost of £50, and one full bursary to cover the course fee. Please contact to apply. All applications must be received by 23rd March 2020. Please note that we occasionally have last minute cancellations so feel free to contact us after the deadline if you wish to apply.

Please contact us to apply.


Booking enquiries 

Please contact us to book.

If you have any questions about the course content or would like to speak with Anna Bhushan before booking please mention this in your email.


Mentoring Program

As a charity we offer a mentoring scheme for everyone who attends the training, to help them get started and to support them during their teaching on an ongoing basis. We also hold teachers meetings around 3 times a year which all course graduates are invited to. These are experience sharing sessions and they include meditation, discussion, training refresher and development, and general advice. People value the community aspect of these and find them very supportive and helpful. 


Course created by Dr. Kumar

Dr. Kumar is an authority on the science of yoga and its diverse systems as well as an award-winning scientist. His synergistic approach to yoga has evolved from a lifelong immersion in the diverse traditions of both north and south India. His teachers include Krishnamacharya and Swami Vishnudevananda as well as unknown but equally accomplished Himalayan masters and monks who grounded him in ancient systems of yoga. He draws on his experience of studying within 37 schools of Hatha yoga and 50 traditions of meditation since the age 12 and from his personal experience of repairing and rehabilitating his own body through yoga, following a serious accident.  Approaching Yoga as an applied science to completely free the mind and body, Dr Kumar brings together ancient wisdom with the most up to date scientific research. He reads Sanskrit and Pali and has sourced and translated rare texts, exploring in particular the relationship between Yoga, Buddhism and Vedanta.

Dr Kumar has taught thousands of people in India as a public service, focusing on public health and yoga awareness workshops that address the growing levels of lifestyle related diseases. For this voluntary service he has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award. He runs yoga teacher training programs in India and broadcasts a yoga program on the Indian television channel ‘Sakshi’. In the UK he has been teaching yoga courses and meditation retreats since 2008 and has recently led International Yoga Day events at the United Nations in Geneva. of meditation, honouring the lineage of Patanjali is central to his teaching.

Click here to read more about Dr. Kumar.


Course taught by Anna Bhushan

The course will be taught by teacher trainer, Anna Bhushan based on a systematic  program conceived by Dr. Kumar. Anna has practiced in established meditation traditions since her childhood.  Since 2003 she has been training closely with Dr. Kumar and working to bring the benefits of meditation to people in the UK. Outside of her work as a trustee and teacher for The Yoga Healing Foundation, Anna is a Senior Lecturer in Art & Design. Her academic research explores the application of meditation practice into Higher Education contexts, particularly for the purpose of enhancing wellbeing and creativity.



April 25 @ 10:00 am
April 26 @ 4:00 pm
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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
4a Castletown Road
West Kensington, London W14 9HE United Kingdom
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