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The Power of Observation, a Lecture by Dr ALV Kumar at Imperial College London

Friday, August 14, 2015 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

£6 – £12

The Power of Observation

Dr ALV Kumar, an award-winning scientist, Yogi and meditation teacher, will explore the purpose and path of meditation from both a modern scientific and ancient philosophical perspective, drawing on 40 years of deep theoretical and practical exploration. He will use analogy, anecdote and practical examples to demystify the science of meditation, simplifying and bringing clarity to profound philosophical knowledge so that it can be applied in daily life.

Quantum theory confirms the very basis of meditation practice as outlined by Patañjali, one of the greatest scientists of the mind, over 2000 years ago in his treatise The Yoga Sūtras. Through the very act of observation, the observer changes the behaviour of what is being observed. The Double Slit Experiment demonstrates how an electron that usually behaves like a wave, instead behaves like a particle when under observation. The greater the level of observation, the greater the effect that the observer has on the observed. The conscious mind is experienced as the observing mind in meditation, known also as ‘dhrashta’ in Sanskrit, meaning ‘observer’. Certain systems of insight meditation develop the faculty to observe the fluctuations of the unconscious mind at an incredibly subtle or ‘quantum’ level.

Just as the presence of the observer can affect the behaviour of an electron, our observing conscious mind in meditation has the power to change our psychological and emotional state. The change is felt immediately after the meditation, but deeper transformation occurs in the long term with regular practice.

Quantum Mechanics raises profound questions for physicists and philosophers today, including the relationship between the ‘observer effect’ and our understanding of consciousness. Insight into these questions can be found in the practice of particular systems of meditation and ancient philosophical traditions.

Objective inward observation through the practice of insight meditation leads to heightened ‘discernment’ of the mind-matter phenomenon at its subtlest level. Through this observation and discernment, meditation has the potential to bring about personal transformation at a deep level, leading to understanding, acceptance and peace. When the conscious mind, dhrashta, observes the unconscious mind, drushya, its nature is transformed.

Booking Details

Location: Read Lecture Theatre, Sherfield building, Imperial College, South Kensington, London, SW7 2AZ

Please note that the college main entrance is closed after 6pm. Please use the entrance on Imperial College Road (immediately after the Science Museum).

Course Fee:  £5

Suggested Minimum Donation:  Public £7

Suggested Total:  Public  £12

The course fee covers our basic expenses and the teaching is offered on a voluntary basis as is customary in the traditional yoga system. We kindly request that you make a donation to the Yoga Healing Foundation in recognition of the teaching and to support our charitable projects in India and the UK.

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Friday, August 14, 2015
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
£6 – £12


Imperial College
London SW7 2AZ + Google Map