The Yoga Healing Foundation is a registered charity that delivers programs under the heading of Traditional Yoga. Our aim is to restore an understanding of the relationship of the different branches of yoga and to present this knowledge in its original, whole and undiluted form for the benefit of all practitioners and teachers.

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Dr. A.L.V Kumar

Dr ALV Kumar is internationally recognized as an inspirational yoga and meditation teacher/ teacher trainer a well as an award-winning scientist. His teaching is informed by his extensive theoretical and experiential knowledge of Hatha and Raja Yoga.

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Our teaching encompasses the breadth and depth of Yoga based on ancient traditional knowledge and modern science, from asana, pranayama and yoga therapy through to advanced meditation practice. We run retreats, weekend courses, training programs, workshops and lectures.

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Courses Overview Across the UK

  • Yoga and Yoga therapy workshops
  • Meditation weekend courses
  • Meditation evening classes
  • Group meditation and refresher sessions
  • Meditation teacher training courses.
  • Lectures

We run two silent meditation and yoga retreats per year

  • A 15 day winter course at a peaceful resort in the forest of Karnataka, Southern India
  • A 10 day course in Yorkshire in the UK over the summer.

Teacher Training

In the UK we offer meditation teacher training courses aimed particularly towards yoga teachers looking to integrate meditation into their teaching, in an authentic, informed and systematic way. Also for meditation practitioners who are inspired to teach within their own professional context.

Dr. ALV Kumar is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor and offers RYT-200 and RYT-500 certification teacher training courses in Hyderabad, India. These are non-residential part-time throughout the year or a full time intensive RYT 500 every February.

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Course Contents

Meditation is central to Dr Kumar’s teaching and is based on progressive practice that begins with calming the mind, through the practice of samadhi and leads to the development of deep awareness and insight, pragnya. The practice and theory is based on the eight step methodology of the Yoga Darshana tradition as taught by Patanjali, fundamentally connected to the teachings of Buddha. Kumar emphasises the scientific and secular nature of yoga, not to be confused with religion.

Asanas, pranayamas, bandanas and mudras which are not commonly practiced in the West or in Southern yoga schools in India, have been brought out by Dr ALV Kumar. He emphasises the importance of sequence based on the energy flow system from gross to subtle energy centres in the body so that one can make swift progress in Hatha Yoga. He and his trained teachers guide therapeutic yoga using chairs and ‘Anti-gravity’ Yoga Asanas (Yana Yoga) with preventative and therapeutic benefits. Yana Yoga, originating in Tibet literally means ‘flying yoga’. It is highly relieving and strengthening, it brings balance, stamina, energy and alignment and addresses health problems at a causal level.

Yoga Kaya Chikitsa is an ancient healing practice that shares common roots with acupuncture and acupressure. Dr. ALV Kumar is one of only three people in the world today with this knowledge, a practice traditionally used to treat people who cannot practice yoga for themselves due to ill health. His intention is to share his knowledge in order to revive and spread awareness of these powerful healing practices by training teachers and practitioners to use them for the benefit of themselves and others. The long-term benefits are the regeneration of the whole body system and the means to achieve and maintain a status of complete health.