Dr Kumar’s Havan Herbal Aromatic oil

Dr Kumar’s Havan Herbal Aromatic Oil

£12 per 50 ml bottle

Dr Kumar’s Havan Herbal Aromatic oil has been formulated by Dr Kumar based on the traditional practice in India of burning medicinal herbs on a fire in the home to sanitise the home and the respiratory system. This is also practised in temples and holy places and in the home to purify the atmosphere and to promote health. It is to be used as a preventative measure, to protect the respiratory system from airborne virus.

Today the same ingredients in the form of aromatic oils with particular properties have been chosen to elicit a similar response. The tradition of burning aromatic herbs at home has been practiced since Vedic times. Rigveda is all about fire rituals with the sound of silence or chanting in a particular style.

Dr Kumar, learned to perform these traditions in the Vedic system in many Ashrams and has practiced such Homas, Yagnas or fire rituals since childhood. With his expertise in chemistry together with his traditional knowledge, Dr Kumar has formulated this oil, shared it openly to help people benefit from any respiratory syndrome with the wish, ‘thus you may please be benefitted’

This combination of oils is for purification of the atmosphere and for keeping the lungs open and healthy.

It contains the following ingredients:

The traditional recipe also includes Camphor oil, however, as we were unable to obtain this in the current period, Dr Kumar asked us to go ahead with what we have available.  If you have it available, you can add it to the formulation.

Instructions for use:

Put a few drops of the oil formula into water in a diffuser or oil burner, a kettle or small pan on a low flame, (but monitor the humidity), a wet cloth with a few drops on a radiator can be an alternative. An ultrasound diffuser is best Dr Kumar suggests a 550 ml size.

For external use, to apply as a skin cream or insect repellent, dilute it 1 to 10 with Argan and or Vitamin E oils.

Not to be taken internally


Please note

The science of plants and their medicinal properties is very ancient and enshrined in the Ayurvedic tradition in India. Dr Kumar, with his vast knowledge of all forms of traditional yoga has formulated this therapeutic oil and it has been produced under his guidance.

Traditions throughout the world in churches, temples and places of worship, burn sweet smelling and medicinal oils to purify the atmosphere. It is said that pleases the angels, so Frankincense is traditionally burned in church, incense is burned in temples and for poojas. Flowers are used not simply to decorate churches and offered at temples but for their smell. Mosques are decorated with floral designs and festivals, weddings and funerals throughout the world include flowers.

The claims are not verified or approved by any regulating authorities.

People with any allergies first should test before regular use.

Traditional Yoga is a charity whose sole aim and purpose is to promote health and healing to everyone.