London Awareness Meditation Weekend Course-April

Learn how to observe the natural breath in order to experience inner peace and change the habit patterns of the mind.

Observation of the natural breath has the power to bring balance and harmony to the mind.

A set of home practice recordings are available to all students who complete the course.

Suitable for beginners.

Regular practice of this technique will cultivate

  • The release of deep stress
  • Mindfulness in the present moment
  • Greater concentration and focus
  • An increasingly balanced, positive and contented mind
  • Increased will power, independence and compassion
  • Transformation of unhelpful tendencies of the mind (e.g. negative rumination, anxiety and anger)
  • Subtler awareness of self and others

 Feedback from previous weekend courses

“My practice has made a big difference in my life and relationships with others.  I’m calmer, have better concentration and my perception is greater”

“I find the weekend courses invaluable. The content of the course and explanations, life changing.”

“Through practicing this meditation on a regular basis I feel that my anxiety is becoming less and less an issue and that I deal with my anxiety in a more positive way.”  

Course Outline

9.30am to 4.30pm with morning and afternoon breaks.

Places limited to 20.

The course involves a sequential series of meditation sessions that introduce the technique. Between each session there will be an opportunity to ask questions, have a short break and stretch. We will have a morning and afternoon tea break, serving herbal tea and an hour lunch break. There will be a ‘yoga nidra’ relaxation session after lunch. Theory will be covered through introductory talks and group discussions about the meditation practice will take place throughout the weekend.

The course teaches the progressive steps of the technique that can be continued as a daily practice or used as a basis for working with the mind more deeply on a residential course.

The practice is rooted in the traditions from which contemporary models of mindfulness arise and is central to Yoga and Dhamma systems. The teaching is supported by audio recordings of Dr. Kumar that connect us to the origins, traditions and the fundamental principles of the technique. The purpose of this is to maintain the pure science of meditation in order to benefit from it fully and to acknowledge its ethical and philosophical basis. The practice is taught systematically and is supported by explanations, simple theory and group discussion.

Once you book, we will email you with more information and advice about what to bring. We ask you to bring your own cushions, but chairs will be provided. If you are considering booking and have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Course led by Lizzie Bhushan and Flavia Munn

Lizzie Bhushan

Lizzie Bhushan has been meditating for over 45 years and teaching meditation since 2011. She helped establish the Yoga Healing Foundation 10 years ago and is a trustee of the charity. As a result of experiencing profound changes in her life after learning meditation with Dr Kumar, she wishes to help others gain the enormous benefits that this particular technique offers. She has worked in education for 40 years, has taught in a range of settings including Adult Education, the Hospital Education Service, children with emotional and behavioural problems as well as both secondary and primary education. She is based in East London and currently teaching children with special needs in Tower Hamlets.

Flavia Munn

Flavia has been practising yoga for around 15 years, and qualified as a teacher in 2014. She first took to yoga as a physical practice to support her long-distance running, but soon discovered its benefits to mental health and wellbeing. When yoga helped her to overcome a period of anxiety, Flavia was hooked. This experience led her to pursue teacher training with YogaCampus in London. Flavia teaches dynamic hatha yoga in workplaces and community settings, and is also a registered teen yoga and mindfulness teacher. She has had a meditation practice for around 8 years, and in 2016 became an accredited Traditional Yoga teacher. Flavia combines teaching yoga with a career as a freelance health journalist, and is a regular health and wellbeing blogger.She is also a fundraiser for the mental health charity Mind, and a volunteer with the Teen Yoga Foundation, which supports the wellbeing of young people through yoga practice, research and events.