“Yoga means getting on well with everything in life: getting on well with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the environment we live in, the people we live with and the work we do.” -Dr. ALV Kumar

Our Aim

The aim of  The Yoga Healing Foundation is to restore an understanding of the relationship of the different limbs of yoga and to present this knowledge in its original, whole and undiluted practical form for the benefit of all practitioners and teachers. Hatha Yoga for the body and Raja Yoga for the mind. Many of our programs are taught by Dr. A.L.V.Kumar, an inspirational teacher and yoga master.

The Yoga Healing Foundation is a registered charityrun by volunteers that delivers programs under the heading of Traditional Yoga.

We run high quality courses, training programs, workshops, seminars, lectures and evening classes teaching a range of yoga practices and techniques, contextualised by theory, based on ancient traditional knowledge.

We collaborate with Traditional Yoga India to:

  • Run free yoga and health awareness workshops. Participants are taught how yoga can be used to prevent and treat many common health disorders through hatha yoga and meditation practice, supported by a healthy diet and traditional therapies.These address the growing levels of diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer in India and the increasing dependency on pharmaceuticals.
  • Train local yoga teachers to a high level of proficiency in order to encourage the spread of yoga and alternative therapies.
  • Organise conferences and seminars on yoga to spread awareness of its benefits, amongst for example, the medical community, in government departments and community groups.
  • Fund the sourcing and purchasing of rare, original Indian texts pertaining to yoga and translate, digitise and make them available as a public resource